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It is our mission to provide the most reliable and safe products that will serve to maximize both productivity and profits for the timber harvesting industry of today and tomorrow.

A Few of Our Featured Carriages

ACME emphasizes strength and durability as well as weight savings, which means that, pound for pound, ACME carriages outperform other carriages in their class. No other carriage will pull slack harder or faster than an ACME Carriage.

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Welcome to ACME Manufacturing, Inc., we work hard to make our products the products of choice for today’s timber industry. Here you will find information about our full line of products including our wide range of advanced hydraulic carriages, Fortronics electronic choker bells, WPT water-cooled brakes and clutches, yarder air valves and controls, and our exclusive Pear Rings & Toggles all of which are designed to help increase productivity and profits for today’s timber harvester.

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