Water Brakes, Clutches, Valves & More

WPT Power Products

ACME Manufacturing, Inc. is an authorized dealer for WPT Power products. This means that in addition to parts and replacement items, we can offer BRAND NEW water cooled brakes and clutches in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your application.

WPT Power brakes and clutches are very high quality and are drop in replacements for many Eaton brake and Wichita clutch applications.

Replacement Parts

Along with new brake and clutch assemblies, we also stock many replacement parts for the following:

  • Many Sizes of Wichita Clutches
  • 18” & 24” Wichita Water-Cooled Brakes
  • 18” & 24” Eaton/WPT Water-Cooled Brakes
  • 14” – 24” Wichita Clutches
  • Madill 071 Travel Clutches
  • Twin Disc Clutches

Air Valves, Controls & Components

ACME Manufacturing, Inc. is your source for yarder air valves, controls and repair components. We have a large inventory of Williams & BSI valves & repair kits, Deublin rotoseals, Rexroth controls & repair kits, maxi air cans and many other items.

Below are just a few of the many items we stock:

  • Maxi Air Cans and Maxi Dash Valve
  • Foot Pedal Assemblies
  • Hand Valves
  • Rotoseals for Wichita Clutch – along with other rotoseals by Deublin.

At ACME Manufacturing, Inc. we aim to be your one-stop shop from ACME carriage parts to water brake/clutch/yarder parts!