ACME Carriages

ACME Slack Pulling Carriage Features

Air-Cooled Diesel Engine

Powered by a fully enclosed air-cooled diesel engine.

Remote Control

New Talkie-Tooter® Digital Radio Controls.

Rotary Oil Pick-Up

Ensures oil pressure when carriage is tipped up on its side.

One Year Warranty

Covers parts & labor.

2-Speed or 3-Speed

Adjustable, low pressure hydraulic slack puller that can be shifted on the fly.

Multiple Pulling Speeds

Easily change pulling power and speed in a matter of minutes.

Mainline Options

Select models have the ability to slack the mainline on the way out and drop turns down on the way in

Supports & Shackles

Smoothly passes over intermediate supports & select models will pass over shackles.

ACME Carriages: ‘Truly the Cutting Edge’

ACME Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a range of carriages that are on the cutting edge of technology. We do not wait around for someone to come up with a better idea before we make a change. We are the ones coming up with the better idea! It is innovations like our exclusive all hydraulic slack pulling systems that make ours the carriage of choice for meeting the challenges of maximizing productivity and profits in today’s timber harvesting industry.

For safety and dependability, all ACME Carriages posses a number of special features, including: rugged T-1 steel construction, low-pressure hydraulics, single solenoid valves, and a patented skyline clamp with replaceable aluminum jaws.

ACME emphasizes strength and durability as well as weight savings, which means that, pound for pound, ACME carriages outperform other carriages in their class. No other carriage will pull slack harder or faster than an ACME Carriage. Our customers are our proof. They have increased their previous production from 50% to 100%, even on shows where they were using other brands of slack pulling carriages. ACME Carriages are working on down-slope and back-slope operations throughout United States, New Zealand, Canada and other countries throughout.

What does all this mean for you? It means that when you buy an ACME carriage you are getting a hard working, reliable, safe carriage that has been designed to outperform all others. So, before you purchase a new carriage, check out an ACME. We know that you will see that an ACME will make your timber harvesting operations more profitable. Please visit the Carriages page for more information.

We invite you to call today to find out for yourself how an ACME Carriage can help you increase your productivity and maximize your profits. We are sure that when you see the advantages you will agree that the ACME Carriages are the clear choice to meet the needs of today’s timber harvesting requirements.