Slack Pulling Carriage Model 228

Carriage Descripton:

The ACME Model 228 hydraulic slack pulling carriage is our exclusive carriage for our ever-growing New Zealand market. This 2-Speed 28 hp. slack pulling carriage is ideal for 1” – 1-1/8” skyline but will run on other skyline sizes as well.




Approximate Weight

1/2" to 7/8"

Skidline Sizes

3/4" to 1-3/8"

Skyline Sizes

150 - 450 FPM

Line Speed – Low

150 - 450 FPM

Line Speed – Medium

450 - 800 FPM

Line Speed – High

ACME Slack Pulling Carriage Features

Air-Cooled Diesel Engine

Powered by a fully enclosed air-cooled diesel engine.

Remote Control

New Talkie-Tooter® Digital Radio Controls.

Rotary Oil Pick-Up

Ensures oil pressure when carriage is tipped up on its side.

One Year Warranty

Covers parts & labor.

2-Speed or 3-Speed

Adjustable, low pressure hydraulic slack puller that can be shifted on the fly.

Multiple Pulling Speeds

Easily change pulling power and speed in a matter of minutes.

Mainline Options

Select models have the ability to slack the mainline on the way out and drop turns down on the way in

Supports & Shackles

Smoothly passes over intermediate supports & select models will pass over shackles.

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