Slack Pulling Carriage Model 328 & 328S

Carriage Descripton:

The ACME Model 328 hydraulic slack pulling carriage is the only 3-speed slack pulling carriage in the world and is the perfect carriage for your large machine. The ideal skyline sizes for these carriages are 1” – 1-1/8” but will also run on larger and smaller sizes if needed. With the Model 328 being one of our most popular carriages it is sure to fit into your jobsite.

The ACME Model 328S has similar specs to that of the Model 328 as well as the ability to pass flush shackles up to 1 3/8″ during operation.



2200 - 2600lbs

Approximate Weight

1/2" to 7/8"

Skidline Sizes

3/4" to 1-3/8"

Skyline Sizes

250 FPM

Line Speed – Low

450 FPM

Line Speed – Medium

450 - 800 FPM

Line Speed – High

ACME Slack Pulling Carriage Features

Air-Cooled Diesel Engine

Powered by a fully enclosed air-cooled diesel engine.

Remote Control

New Talkie-Tooter® Digital Radio Controls.

Rotary Oil Pick-Up

Ensures oil pressure when carriage is tipped up on its side.

One Year Warranty

Covers parts & labor.

2-Speed or 3-Speed

Adjustable, low pressure hydraulic slack puller that can be shifted on the fly.

Multiple Pulling Speeds

Easily change pulling power and speed in a matter of minutes.

Mainline Options

Select models have the ability to slack the mainline on the way out and drop turns down on the way in

Supports & Shackles

Smoothly passes over intermediate supports & select models will pass over shackles.

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