Fortronics Gen-3 Electronic Choker Bell Tutorial Videos

The Choker System

This video shows you all the components that come with a system of choker bells. It also shows the optional Locator system and spare parts kits.

The Choker Sliders

This video shows the different sliders available for the choker bells and how to change them out.

Recommended Tools

This video shows the recommended tools one should have at the workstation for disassembling, diagnosing, repairing, and reassembling the choker bells.

Disassembly and Cleaning

This video walks you through how to disassemble the choker bell and touches on how to clean them. It is important NOT TO USE SOLVENT WHEN CLEANING THE BLUE INNER MODULE, it may cause damage.

Basic Assembly and Repair

This video walks you through reassembling the choker bell and has multiple segments highlighting important maintenance & repair steps, which include:
  • Reattaching the end cap and checking the antenna button.
  • Batteries, battery terminal and spring maintenance.
  • Microswitch lever position testing and adjustment.
  • Servo motor testing and insertion.
  • Lubricating the bell and final assembly.
  • Testing the bell after reassembling and checking for short range problems.

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