Fortronics Electronic Choker Bells

The Fortronics Choker System

The Fortronics electronic choker bell has been designed to make a difference to the safety and efficiency of timber harvesting between felling and yarding.

Harvesting timber in American forests is as demanding as anywhere in the world. Our terrain ranges from even flats to steep hillsides, with ridges, gullies, waterways and rugged landforms creating challenges.

Fortronics uses the most advanced engineering in its class to ensure reliability, even in the harshest conditions.

How It Works

The electronic choker bell is used to attach a choker to felled logs, ready to drag them to the yarder for trimming and transportation.

With the simple press of a button, the choker bell releases the choker as soon as the log has been dragged to its required position.

It removes a worker from the most hazardous part of the recovery process: being amongst unstable logs, and leaves the choker ready for the next turn.

System Overview

The system was specifically designed for harvesting timber in hill country, the most challenging of logging environments.

The system is made of three major components: the choker bells, transmitters and tracking device for lost chokers (optional).

The choker bell: The internal components of the choker are enclosed in a robust casing – protecting them from extreme impact and weather damage.

Transmitters: The main transmitter allows all chokers to be released simultaneously, in any combination or individually. Portable transmitters used by the ground crew can release all chokers at once.

Choker tracking system: The optional tracking system is easy to use. The receiver sounds a signal when the aerial antenna is pointed towards the lost and/or buried choker.

Inside the Choker Bells

Fortronics electronic choker bells are radio-controlled devices. A UHF radio frequency digitally coded signal is used to command a set of chokers.

Each choker bell is identified by a group code number and a choker ID number.

Choker Bell Electronics

A valid digital signal activates a servo motor which operates a trigger mechanism that unlatches the spring-loaded locking pin.

Every two seconds, the inbuilt transmitter sends out a data burst. These bursts are the tracking signal which reveals the choker’s location.

Batteries and servo motors are both plug-in devices, making replacement a simple task.

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