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Fortronics Electric Choker Bells


Fortronics Electric Choker BellsFortronics Electric Choker BellsFortronics Electric Choker Bells

Fortronics Radio Controlled Choker Bell

Introducing The Gen-3 Fortronics Electronic Choker Bells

·       New Servo Motor Design
·       Lower Power Consumption
·       Longer Battery Life
·       Improved Electronics
·       Improved Cam Design Virtually Eliminates Microswitch Adjustments
·       1/2" - 3/4" Chokers Can Be Used With The Same Bell


After many years of research and development involving logging contractors, Fortronics Ltd is now able to supply the forestry harvesting industry with an electric choker system that surpasses any other. Available in the United States EXCLUSIVELY at ACME Manufacturing, Inc. the Fortronics systems are engineered rugged and reliable to reduce down time and offer many benefits previously not available with other brands.

·         The bell can be set anywhere on the line, not just at the nub on the end. This is a great benefit when operating the bells in the snow or mud.

·         The system is reprogrammable and can be changed easily to have all the bells the same code, each bell a different code, or any combination in between without the need to purchase new radio receivers for each bell. The receivers can be programmed to any code and as many times as you want.

·         The Fortronics system offers an optional repeater system that can extend the range out to 6000 feet.

·         The Large main pin requires less thumb pressure to set than other brands making them easier on your crew.

·         The bells use two CR2, 3-volt lithium batteries which are widely available and are easily changed.

·         The Fortronics system offers an optional locator system to help locate your bells in the event one or more of them becomes lost in the brush.

·         The Fortronics system offers an optional tester to check battery status without the need to disassemble the bell. The tester also verifies that the locator signal is being transmitted from the choker bell.

We invite you to call today to find out more about the features and benefits of the Fortronics Choker systems

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