ACME Pear Rings & Toggles


ACME manufactures Pear Rings and Toggles to help your crew be more productive. Replace your usual round choker rings with ACME patented Pear Rings which are designed for 1/2″- 9/16″ chokers and have great advantages over normal round rings. The solid cast design means that it will not bend like the round ring and the cast ring has a generous amount of material for extra wear. The Pear Ring uses quick nub inserts only, this coupled with the fact that there is no eye, means that used line can now be used for your chokers. When used in combination, the Pear Rings and Toggles below are efficient tools for increasing productivity and maximizing profits.

ACME Toggles

The ACME Toggles are designed to make the use of the above pear rings even more productive by increasing the speed at which the rings can be hooked and unhooked therefore decreasing the time between carriage turns. The Toggle is strong and lightweight and are designed for 1/2″-3/4″ drop line. The quick nub acts as a swivel for ease of use. The chain bends instead of your drop line to save wear.

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